Bets are on: meditation is hipsters’ next big thing

Do you sense this trend too? Has anything yoga, mindfulness or kindness related reached your ears recently? Are your quirkier friends saying things like “Sorry, can’t come to the pub, need to meditate, I’ve been stressed.” Is it me having a frequency illusion bias or are people set to be happy and relaxation is their method of choice? And what’s all the fuss about being happy anyway?

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Have you heard of Toastmasters?


Laugh all you want but when my friend enthusiastically said she’s joined this club, I thought her toast making was just fine. I now suspect everybody knew about the public speaking club except for me. After my first two meetings, I’m starting to get why.

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Why I now only work client-side

Because organisations people take baby steps into digital

“Frustrated digital marketer” anyone? The book below will soothe your pains and help you nudge your organisation a bit more towards digital. I’ll be honest, it’s shifted my thinking, I now assume responsibility for how digitally savvy my team is, instead of feeling unappreciated and misunderstood. As the voice of digital in a company, I will always point out the unmet potential. And it’s only in-house that you can create sustainable change. Continue Reading..