My name is Alina Stan and I love the rain. It gives me a state of peace and makes me dream with open eyes, although I am not at all a pragmatic person, I still have a weakness for cold raindrops. The moon is my friend, if I had been born with the gift of painting I am convinced that I would have painted it on canvas in so many ways. But I am a person passionate about gadgets, everything that is new and everything that can make our lives easier and in this sense I have developed a site of accessories and parts for mobile phones, TOTAL GSM. I also love to drive and I find this as a true theraphy for my mind and my soul. But here is just me, Alina. A strong woman, a ray of sunshine in the lives of good people, who loves photography and travel, who longs for the waves of the sea and free seagulls. I made this blog to share with you my visual experiences, my knowledge and my feelings. Here we will be just us, as we are: beautiful, simple and happy, because this is the world we all want to live in.

Sometimes the best therapy is a long drive and music and I am a true passionate of both.

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